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ADBA Safe Dog Program

What is the Safe Dog Program©?

The Safe Dog Program is comprised of two safe_doglevels.  Basic Level I is a test of a dogs socialization and basic obedience training along with certification of the dog owners knowledge of basic canine psychology and the elements of responsible canine ownership. Advanced Level II consists of the first two elements stated above plus a temperament evaluation by a canine behaviorist or trainer.  After successful completion of the testing, a dog can apply to the American Dog Breeders Association for the award of Safe Dog Certified Basic Level I (SDC) or Safe Dog Certified Advanced Level II. (SDC II)

What dogs are qualified to be tested in the Safe Dog Program?

An owner or trainer can enter any purebred or mixed breed dog one year of age or older.   No bitches in heat on the day of the exam will be admitted for testing.

What equipment must I provide for my dog to be tested?

  1. A choke collar, flat buckle collar or secure harness can be used for the obedience portion of the exam.
  2. Both a choke collar and flat buckle collar are recommended for the temperament evaluation.
  3. The dog owner should come equipped with a six foot leash.  No retractable or quick release buckles allowed.
  4. Dog Brush

What can I do to prepare my dog for testing?

  1. Early socialization of your puppy to your household, neighborhood and friendly strangers in a positive and nurturing manner.
  1. Proficiency of basic obedience skills of sit, down, come and stay
  1. Owner must demonstrate that they can be in control of the dog in situations with friendly strangers, grooming and distractions.

What is the entry fee?

  1. $20.00 payable to the ADBA Safe Dog Program tester for the Basic Level I test or
  1. $25.00 payable to the ADBA Safe Dog Program tester for the Advanced Level II test.
  1. If a dog has already passed the SDP Basic Level I test at an earlier time and wishes to complete the Temperament testing as part of the SDP Advanced Level II test the fee will be $10.00.
  1. If the Safe Dog Program is held by an ADBA sanctioned club or dog group, a surcharge may be assessed to cover expenses of the venue, advertising etc. and will be advertised prior to the test date.

Once my dog passes the Basic Level I or Advanced Level II test, how do I get my dog’s Safe Dog certification award?

Upon completion, you will receive a receipt from the tester that confirms that your dog has completed the Safe Dog Program Basic Level I or Advanced Level II. The Safe dog tester will send results into ADBA and a Certificate will be mailed to you in 2-3 weeks. You will also have the option to purchase a Safe Dog Bumper/Crate Sticker and a Safe Dog Bandana from the tester.