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ADBA Leaders Of The Future Scholarship

The American Dog Breeders Association Inc. is committed to the¬†FUTURE. It is our belief that the future of our noble breed is dependent upon the young people who know and are involved with the dogs. Because of this commitment, in 1999 the ADBA Board of Directors established the ADBA LEADERS OF THE FUTURE SCHOLARSHIP. This is a $1,000 scholarship, which will be paid through the financial aids office of a University, College or Trade School, to be used towards a student’s education expenses.


1) Existing student, or a student entering their first year at a University, College or trade school.

2) Experienced with the American Pit Bull Terrier (breeding, showing, weight pulling, handling, etc.)

3) Membership with an ADBA club, or attendance at, or supporting ADBA events.

4) A person with high recommendations from teacher, mentor, etc.

All Scholarship applications must be received no later than July 1st. Applications received after July 1st will be considered for next years scholarship. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All applications submitted are property of ADBA.

Download: Application

Scholarship Recipients

2019 ADBA Scholarship Winner Marissa Cortez

Marissa Cortez

2019 ADBA Scholarship Winner

2019 ADBA Scholarship Winner Whitley Alexander

Whitley Alexander

2019 ADBA Scholarship Winner

2018 ADBA Scholarship Winner - Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones

2018 ADBA Scholarship Winner

Sadie Metcalf

2017 Scholarship Winner

Jon-Marcel Winchester

2016 Scholarship Winner

Kurtis Wronkoski

2015 Scholarship Winner

Josephine Talamage

2014 Scholarship Winner

Morgan Fuller

2014 Scholarship Winner

Rebecca Falcon

2013 Scholarship Winner

Kristen Stewart

2012 Scholarship Winner

Brittany Wronkowski

2011 Scholarship Winner

Krissy Stanford

2010 Scholarship Winner

Zabrina Dennis

2009 Scholarship Winner

Christa Moser

2008 Scholarship Winner

The American Dog Breeders Association Inc. Leaders Of The Future Scholarship for 2008 will be given in the amount of $1,000.

Allison Leigh Shuler

2007 Scholarship Winner

The recipient for the $1,500 ADBA Leaders Of The Future Scholarship for 2007 is Allison Leigh Shuler, from Maysville, North Carolina.

Kristi McCabe

2006 Scholarship Winner

Kristi McCabe has been a working member of the Green Country APBT Club, Inc for a long time.

Dalton J. Goodwin III

2006 Scholarship Winner

Dalton J. Goodwin III - WA Dalton has been involved with the American Pit Bull Terrier since the age of 8, showing in Junior Handler classes in his home club in Washington.

Brock E. Ritchie

2006 Scholarship Winner

Brock E. Ritchie - Ortario, Canada Brock began his association with the American Pit Bull Terrier about eight years ago, in the Ontario, Canada area.

Tyler Simpson

2005 Scholarship Winner

A $1,500.00 Scholarship was awarded to Tyler Simpson, from Newalla, Oklahoma to attend Rose State College in his chosen field of Education.

Carlos Martinez

2005 Scholarship Winner

$1,000 Scholarship was awarded to Carlos Martinez from Missouri City, Texas to attend Wharton Junior College to study education and coaching.

Steven Turner

2005 Scholarship Winner

A $1,000 Scholarship was awarded to Steven steventurnerTurner from Uvalde, Georgia, to attend East Georgia College to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice.

Dayton Harris

Dayton Harris

2005 Scholarship Winner

A $1,000 has been awarded to Dayton Harris, from Fort Worth Texas to attend The University of Texas at Arlington to study Economics.

Marcus F. Martinez

2004 Scholarship Winner

Marcus F. Martinez "I am the owner of two APBT's at this time. I work at a vet supply which has given me the opportunity to meet and speak to many owners and breeders.

Michael J. Orencole

2003 Scholarship Winner

I have been involved with the American Pit Bull Terrier since I was five years old. Since that time I have helped my father maintain and care for a large number of terriers.

Krystal M. Ford

2002 Scholarship Winner

When I heard about this scholarship a year ago, I was very excited. It is wonderful to know that there is a scholarship like this available for people like me.

Jason M. Reep

2001 Scholarship Winner

Leadership is a great trait to have as it will allow you to take your work to another level. I have been involved with several different types of clubs, which allowed me to overcome my fear of speaking in front of a big crowd.

Elizabeth Hundrieser with "PENNY II"

2000 Scholarship Winner

I have had not higher compliment than to have the veterinarians show off my dogs to people who don't know the breed, and have them say that my dogs are great representative of the breed.

Abel Santillan Jr with "KING POLO"

2000 Scholarship Winner

There are a variety of factors that contribute to molding a person's life; for me a key factor has been the American Pit Bull Terrier. This fascinating creature has been a part of my family all my life.