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2000 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Abel Santillan Jr.

ADBA Scholarship Winner

Abel Santillan Jr 2000

“There are a variety of factors that contribute to Abel Santillan Jr 2000molding a person’s life; for me a key factor has been the American Pit Bull Terrier. This fascinating creature has been a part of my family all my life. My parents have owned APBT’s since I was born, and have provided the opportunity for me to take part in handling, training, showing and even breeding the APBT. I have been able to associate with and acquire knowledge from prominent dog men, such as Phil Sylvester, Don Humes, Perry Reneau, Gary Hammonds, Ed Hinkle and Floyd Boudraeux. By meeting and associating with these and other woderful dog people, I’ve assimilated a great deal of knowledge, not only of the breed, but of sportsmanship, humanity and life”
Abel Santillan Jr with SANTILLAN’s “KING POLO”