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2004 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Marcus F. Martinez

ADBA Scholarship Winner

Marcus F. Martinez 2004

“I am the owner of two APBT’s at this time. I work at a vet supply which has given me the opportunity to meet and speak to many owners and breeders. The last two years in this line of work has taught me more about this breed and helped me toward my goal of being a veterinarian. I am involved in the Kappa Leadership league, where we specialize in leadership skills, and community service. I also belong to the Black Achievers sponsored by the YMCA where we are interns in our career interests and do community services. I have attended many local dog shows of the Land Of Oz club and have traveled out of state to a few others. My ten year goals. I will be going to school at Kansas State, studying medicine that deals with causes, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries of animals. I will have my own kennel and will specialize in Zebo, Red boy, and Jeep bloodlines. I will be a veterinarian. I will be able to help the breed by providing a positive outlook and intend to help the community understand that the Pit Bull is not the devil they have made out to be. It will be a small start, but you have to crawl before your can walk. I have the drive and ability to do it. Schooling will be for the next ten years so which will take time, but I will make it”