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2005 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Carlos Martinez

ADBA Scholarship Winner

Carlos Martinez 2005

$1,000 Scholarship was awarded to Carlos Martinez from Missouri City, Texas to attend Wharton Junior College to study education and coaching. Carlos is a member of the Trinity Valley Pit Bull club and the Endangered Breeds Association, and has participated in ADBSI shows from Texas to Michigan and beyond. Carlos states, “It infuriates me to hear the negative comments made by the media every time an irresponsible persons allows their dog to get out of hand. I don’t believe in bad dogs, but bad owners. I currently work part time with elementary school age children each day. This gives me the opportunity to teach them not to judge a person by the way that they look, live their life, or the negative comments others might make about them. I en-courage them to ask questions themselves, and make their own judgments. I teach them to go above and beyond to get to know about different backgrounds and not be afraid to try new things”. “Carlos is very mature and responsible for his age. It is rare to see such qualities in young men these days. He has the utmost respect for his parents and other elders and will make a wonderful role model for the youngsters of today. I know without a doubt that Carlos will be a good steward of his responsibilities while in college, and will make the most of this scholarship.”