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2005 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Dayton Harris

ADBA Scholarship Winner

Dayton Harris 2005

A $1,000 has been awarded to Dayton Harris, from Fort Worth Texas to attend The University of Texas at Arlington to study Economics. Dayton has been a member of the Lone Star State Pit Bull Club and is interested in forming “a multiple stage club dealing with the American Pit Bull Terrier. This club will spread awareness, host events and get a positive image of the APBT into the public eye through all types of media. It seems that the public’ view of the pit bull world is underground. Well I believe that it is time to remove the ‘under’ and replace it with ‘fore’.” Dayton writes, “I have had many ups and downs the last few years, in life and in school as well. I have fought through all my situations, and it has taken maturity, but my passion for school has now paralleled my passion for this breed. For me failure is not an option, and success is only a few feet away.” Dayton has served as president of the African- American Student Organization where he has shown motivation, a strong work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills. He has been a great role model for younger students, and has demonstrated a willingness to serve others.