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2005 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Steven Turner

ADBA Scholarship Winner

Steven Turner 2005

A $1,000 Scholarship was awarded to Steven steventurnerTurner from Uvalde, Georgia, to attend East Georgia College to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. Steven has been around the APBT his whole life, as his uncle is a breeder and has taught him a lot about the breed. He has been involved helping to train his uncles dogs for the weight pull. He is currently breeding and training his own dog for the weight pull. Steven writes, “I love the affection, loyalty and energy of the APBT. In training my dog to pull, I love to see my dog excited, having fun and loving what he is doing. I have been around the dogs since I was a young child. The APBT has been a key factor for helping mold my life into what it is now.” “Steven is a very conscientious student, who is always prepared and punctual. He has been on the school honor role, as well as the National Honor Roll. He has served his community by collecting money and giving blood for the Red Cross, and is well deserving of this honor.”