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2006 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Brock E. Ritchie

ADBA Scholarship Winner

Brock E. Ritchie 2006

Brock E. Ritchie – Ortario, Canada Brock began his association with the American Pit Bull Terrier about eight years ago, in the Ontario, Canada area. He was fortunate to be mentored by some of Canada’s top dog men, and has enjoyed the association of the members of the Golden Horseshoe APBT club of Ontario, Canada. His career goals include completing Platinum Certification in dog training, and to complete the program to become a certified Behavior Therapist through Canine Communicat-ion Studies. He plans to apply what he learns with a successful veterinarian practice, and in time to operate an animal rescue that specializes in the American Pit Bull Terrier. In the last few years, Brock has been very active in the breeding of his own APBTs as well as helping out at Pro-Line Kennels with breeding, feeding, walks and playtime. He has learned a lot, and credits the friendship and mentorship of Ted, at Pro-Line Kennels for his growth in the breed. Brock states, “I have always been an ambassador for our dogs by putting a good foot forward. I understand that these dogs are not for everyone. I am always willing to show people the good natured and loving dogs that we choose to own. I also understand that we, as APBT owners have a greater set of rules and responsibilities when we are out in public, due to the preconceived ideas that people have, not just about the dogs, but also the people who own them.” Brock was a volunteer at his local Ontario SPCA and worked a lot with their dogs. He provided advice and extra care and handling when an APBT came through the doors. He has also assisted in his local Village walking dogs and helping the elderly with their dogs, free of charge. With the restrictive laws now imposed in the providence of Ontario, Canada, it has been a challenge for Brock to continue with his kennel of APBTs. His animals have been spayed and neutered, after collecting and freezing semen to safeguard and plan for the future of his breeding plans. He has spent many hours training his dogs to tolerate a muzzle to comply with the new requirements in Ontario. It is becoming apparent that in order to continue with his breeding kennel, he will have to move out of Ontario. Brock has worked hard to get into the Veterinarian Technicians Program with The Northern College of Applied Art and Technology in Timmins Ontario, Canada. He is excited to get the opportunity to work directly helping animals.