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2007 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Allison Leigh Shuler

ADBA Scholarship Winner

Allison Leigh Shuler 2007

The recipient for the $1,500 ADBA Leaders Of The Future Scholarship for 2007 is Allison Leigh Shuler, from Maysville, North Carolina. Allison is planning to attend Coastal Carolina Community College where she plans to complete her Associate Degree in Nursing. Allison and her husband, Bill, have a kennel of 16 dogs, she is also a working mom with three half grown sons. Bill a member of the USMC has been recently deployed to Iraq, which makes Allison the primary caretaker of her family and their kennel of dogs. She is active in the Panther Creek Kennel club, the Cape Fear APBT club and the United Bulldoggers Club of America. The family has been involved in showing their dogs and Allison states, “I am usually the one ‘behind the scenes’ insuring that all of our dogs are watered, walked and appropriately attended to. The dogs are handled by my husband Bill and our three sons. I feel the public should be educated on the breed and one great way is showing them the involvement of my sons, ages 9, 11 and 14, with the breed”. The Schuler boys are actively involved in a football program where Allison serves as an assistant coach. In addition, her community service includes the Relay For Life program and Toys For Tots during the Holiday Season. “When my husband Bill, first mentioned owning a Pit Bull, my reaction was, you’re crazy!” wrote Allison. “That was eight years ago. After a year of intense research, we got out first APBT. We now have a kennel of sixteen APBTs which we are very actively involved with. We enjoy showing our dogs and informing the public about the breed. During a recent show, my husband and I were interviewed for the local newspaper. We expressed our pride in being an APBT owner and informed the public about the breed. We also have a website where we also educate the public about the breed.” Allison continued, “as a recipient of the ADBA Scholarship, I will have the opportunity to complete my associated degree in nursing. I will also have the opportunity to be a role model for my three sons, in regards to their future education. I hope to express to them that no matter what their dreams may be, with enough determination, anything is possible.”