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2008 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Christa Moser

ADBA Scholarship Winner

Christa Moser 2008

The American Dog Breeders Association Inc. Leaders Of The Future Scholarship for 2008 will be given in the amount of $1,000. This scholarship is awarded each year to a deserving individual pursuing higher education as a part of their life goals. The purpose of this $1,000 scholarship is to assist with educational costs at a College, University or Technical School. A qualified applicant is required to be knowledgeable and experienced with the American Pit Bull Terrier, to be active with their local club, and in their community. The ADBA’s Leaders of the Future Scholarship winner for 2008 is Christa Moser from Knoxville, Tennessee. Christa is beginning her third year at the University of Tennessee with a major in Psychology/Pre-Pharmacy. Christa has a strong work ethic and a commitment to education. She has maintained a high grade point average in her University program as well as working a steady job at HGW and Associates, a firm that develops web applications and databases for the US Navy. Christa has participated in the University of Tennessee’s Honors Program and Delta Gamma Sorority, as well as volunteering in her community with Habitat for Humanity, the Girl Scouts and 4-Teens program. Christa’s supervisor, Joanie Koehn, writes to us, “Christa has good moral values and stands up for what she believes. One example of this is her continuous fighting for breed specific legislation to be overturned. She has even gotten other employees involved in the cause and has written numerous letters to government officials. Christa has a strong commitment to improving the reputation of American Pit Bull Terriers. Her two dogs are her life, and she strives for them to help the cause by being well behaved and gentle, showing people that the rumors about aggression are not always true. Christa and her dogs have personally changed my opinion of the pit bull. I will continue to get involved and help her fight against breed specific legislation. One of the qualities that I admire in Christa is her ability to work effectively as a team member as well as possessing strong leadership qualities.” Currently, Christa has two American Pit Bull Terriers, Hanz and Hannah. She is active in showing and weight pulling, attending shows in Indiana and Kentucky. After completing her education, she feels that she will have more time to travel and compete in ADBSI events. She also has plans to form an ADBA sanctioned club in her home town of Knoxville, Tennessee and host an annual ADBSI show and weight pulling competition. Christa states, “I absolutely love these dogs and plan to breed them to the ADBA breed standard. I try to set a good example in an attempt to better the reputation of the breed. I firmly believe in strict laws against irresponsible owners and breeders.” Congratulations, Christa Moser, for being chosen as the 2008 recipient of the American Dog Breeders Association Leaders Of The Future Scholarship.