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2013 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Rebecca Falcon

ADBA Scholarship Winner

Rebecca Falcon 2013

becca and scarlet

Rebecca writes, “In ten years, I plan to operate my own five star restaurant. My Master’s Degree in Business Administration and my developed culinary skills would greatly aid my pursuit of this achievement. My restaurant would focus on American cuisine with a French influence. Another important goal of mine is to become more active in the fight against BSL. I intend to keep on volunteering and helping out my community and others by means of donations, participation and the organization of events.

Since the age of 9, I was engulfed in ADBSI sanctioned events. I worked closely with fellow APBT enthusiasts and administration in the sales of tickets, merchandise, and the distribution of education material. I also assisted trainers and owners in the training of various dogs. Some well-known dogs I’ve helped weight, treadmill train and taken care of are Bo’s A/A BRUTUS, Havana Boy’s CH/ACE MEGAN and Stealheart’s G/C XVIII MATTHEW. I have also helped in the whelping and care of Issel’s G/C IV AUSTIN SKYLIGHT and Lil Boy’s G/C LILITH pups.

Leadership and community activities are big aspects of my life. Since I was 11 years old, I’ve been involved in my church’s food storage program. On weekends and during my summer vacations, I would participate in the management of goods and services offered at the Bishop’s storehouse. I assisted members with gathering and distribution of canned foods, clothing, and perishables. My church stood as a beacon assisting any and all in need, regardless of religious affiliations.

Since 2010, I’ve used my artistic skills and abilities to promote drug and cancer awareness programs. My artwork has gained special recognitions in Orange County, NY.

In 2006, I volunteered at my local specialty veterinarian center for three months. I assisted veterinarian technicians in the treatment of animals and worked behind the scene in the back of the office. Also, as an administrative assistant I handled paperwork and appointments.

I’ve always believed the greatest calling anyone can receive is in assisting and defending those that cannot defend or provide for themselves. My passion and energy is to make the public aware about the misconceptions the media has spread about aggressive breeds including APBT’s. I’m working hard to pursue my dreams of helping animals in my own unique way. Some individuals become veterinarians, technicians and breeders. They stand to help endangered, neglected, and severely injured animals. Even though my path is different, I believe our goals are the same.”