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2016 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Jon-Marcel Winchester

2016 ADBA Scholarship Winner

Jon-Marcel Winchester

John MarcelJon-Marcel begins his application, “I have been at ADBA dog shows since I was born. I showed in Jr. handler when I was small, and I helped weight pull two dogs, Tatonka’s Summer and Moolah. I live in a home that caters to dogs, including pups in the kitchen and emergency visits to the veterinarian. We ARE the APBT community. Our entire life revolves around the ADBA American Pit Bull Terrier.”

“My family and I are hard core APBT breeders. I know first hand how difficult a life it is to breed quality dogs. Our dogs have a high standard of care. They live in a historical setting, but live with futurist medications and prevention. I know how hard it is to house them, feed them, find appropriate homes for them and most importantly be proper role models for new breed owners. My parents work every day, rain or shine, hot or cold, sick or healthy, to keep our dogs. I use this work ethic to make myself stronger and I will tell the truth about the American Pit Bull Terrier throughout my life. I think this could be very valuable to the breed. I know it is valuable to me.”

Jon-Marcel continues, “I am choosing a different career path than dog breeder. As a first generation student and son of an immigrant, I take college seriously. My parents know and have instilled in me the need for an education that leads to a career and a life I will enjoy. My dream job would be as an actor, living in the suburbs of New York City. The idea of having Broadway within my reach is incredible. When I leave college, I plan to have teaching credentials where I could teach drama or English as a second language. There are job opportunities all over the world…but now I am focused on doing well in college”.

“I am lucky to have parents that are now in their 60’s. They had a different approach to my upbringing as they believe, as I do in the total package. They provided for me the opportunity to travel and visit extended family all over the world. I spent a day at school in New Zealand, ran through the waves in Tahiti, and stood in the Coliseum in Rome. I won enough tournaments in Taekwondo to become a State Champion, and worked hard enough to become a Black Belt. I earned the Boy Scouts of America rank of Eagle Scout and I am a Brotherhood member of their honor society, the Order Of The Arrow. I have taught chess to the underprivileged kids at the after hours program at Ponce De Leon Elementary school. I am a teacher’s assistant in three classes this year as a senior student in Math, History and Drama. I enjoy teaching and I feel that being an actor will help me teach and learning about education will help me be a better actor.”

Comments from Jon-Marcel’s teachers describe him as “… a talented, intelligent, hard working and a well rounded individual.” Another teacher relates, “as a teacher’s assistant this year, Jon-Marcel has shown initiative and an independent spirit. He is polite and communicates effectively with staff and students. He is responsible and helpful at all times.” Another teacher stated, “As a student in my Fine Arts program, Jon-Marcel Winchester takes direction well and brings an uncanny amount of energy and excitement to any project he is given. He is not afraid to take a lead role and excels when challenged.” Alisa McCaskill, senior Beta Club Sponsor at Ponce De Leon High School ends her letter of recommendation by stating, “Jo-Marcel’s leadership abilities, character and academic achievements makes him a worthy candidate for the ADBA’s Leadership Of The Future Scholarship and is very deserving of this award.”

Jon-Marcel, thank you for your contributions in support of ADBA sanctioned clubs events and your local community. We applaud your desire to continue in this leadership role by example to all you come in contact with. We wish you continued success in your college career and we believe that with hard work and focus you will accomplish your goals. We know your potential is unlimited!

….ADBA Inc Board of Directors