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2019 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Marissa Cortez

2019 ADBA Scholarship Winner

2019 ADBA Scholarship Winner - Marissa Cortez

2019 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Marissa Cortez

Marissa Cortez

Marissa Cortez will be attending Mercy College of Health and Science this fall pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. After completion of her degree, she plans to work completing the required 1,000 hours before continuing on at the University of Iowa to complete a Master’s Degree as a Nurse Practitioner.
Marissa tells us, “I have had years of experience with the American Pit Bull Terrier as my family has had the breed before I was born. My family has always bonded over our love for the dogs. I am a member of our local club (Bulldog Haven APBTC) and also the daughter of an ADBA Conformation Judge.
I have had years of experience helping out at the shows from signing up dogs for their classes, to selling raffle tickets. As a kid, I showed a few dogs in the Junior Handler division. I have also attended shows across the US traveling and being an active member of an ADBA club. This has been so much fun and has given me the opportunity to see amazing places and dogs. I have valued and learned so much from this experience. I can’t thank this organization enough.”
Marissa was involved with the football program at Norwalk High School as a manager for the last four years. Coach Paul Patterson in his letter of recommendation writes, “As a senior, Marissa was given the task of being lead manager for our program. She was in charge of hiring new managers, setting the rotation for games, and daily duties. These are all tasks that are difficult for a high school student trying to balance academics, work and her participation in softball. Marissa was spectacular at handling these duties, working through any problems that came up on her own before bringing them to any of the coaches. Her leadership was evident and will serve her well as she moves through her career.
Being a manager is a very thankless job. Hours are more than the players and coaches spend; managers are there before practice to get everything set up and then stay later than everyone else to put it all away. Game days are no exception whether we are at home or on the road. There is no time to play or a chance to be on the field under the lights, plus you are working with teenage boys. Marissa was absolutely awesome at her job as a manager, making sure all of the above listed duties were handled, most often times by herself. Her ability to work because of her self motivation will ensure her ability to succeed no matter where she is employed in the future.
It is not very often that you get a person involved in your program in a volunteer position that has had as much as an impact that Marissa did for us. I am very grateful for her and her willingness to help us out the past four years.
Marissa Cortez is an absolutely awesome young lady who is driven and selfless. I give her my highest recommendation possible.”
Marissa concludes her application, “My family and I have been active members of an ADBA club and participants in ADBA events. We take great pride in this organization. I am also an active member and leader in my community. Coming from a one income family, this scholarship would mean a lot to them and to me and take me one step closer to my dream of being a nurse practitioner. Thank you for your consideration”.
Congratulations Marissa on being chosen as recipients of ADBA’s “Leaders Of The Future” scholarship for 2019. We wish you success as you continue with your educational goals.


ADBA Leaders Of The Future Scholarship