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2019 ADBA Scholarship Winner – Whitley Alexander

2019 ADBA Scholarship Winner2019 ADBA Scholarship Winner - Whitley Alexander

Whitley Alexander

Whitley Alexander is currently entering her fourth and final semester of nursing school completing her Associate Degree in Nursing. Her plans are to go straight on to work while completing her Bachelor’s Degree online through Alcorn State University. Her goals include completing the education required to become a Certified Nurse Anesthetist and working in the surgical field where she can support the patient getting them safely through surgery.
Whitley began her association with the American Pit Bull Terrier nine years ago. She was attending a Cajun Country fun show at the home of Keith and Doris Hutson with her newly acquired APBT female whom she named Diamond. Keith and Doris took her under their wing and mentored her.
Doris relates, “One could tell immediately that Whitley had a great talent when it came to training dogs, especially in weight pulling. She would listen to everyone’s advice at the dog shows, but I saw that she would always do what she thought best for her dog. Whitley also had a passion for the conformation ring, so she got a second APBT, Cajun, who has done well achieving both a Champion of Champion and Ace of Ace title.”
Doris continued, “Within the Cajun Country Dog show club, Whitley was at the tables assisting with the paperwork. She learned the rules. She was cordial with the participants and people got to know her. She was not afraid to step up when needed. In 2014, with the assistance of numerous APBT fanciers of the area, Whitley got the Deep South Bull and Terrier Association up and running. This was the first weight pull only club in Mississippi, but with Whitley’s drive, she had been able to expand their annual show with a conformation show with the assistance of other clubs.”
Whitley relates, “I have even made a few breedings, thanks to some help, and I have had some luck with the pups. Each breeding and each pup trained has taught me so much and I hope to continue to grow and learn as much as I can about these special dogs. If I were to receive this scholarship, I could proudly say that my involvement with the APBT helped me to receive my goal of becoming a registered nurse. This scholarship would be used as a tool, continuing to be and advocate for not only my patients in the future but also for the American Pit Bull Terrier.”

Congratulations Whitley on being chosen as recipients of ADBA’s “Leaders Of The Future” scholarship for 2019. We wish you success as you continue with your educational goals.


ADBA Leaders Of The Future Scholarship