ADBA Canine Quarterly January 2018 (Digital)



In the January 2018 issue of the ADBA Canine Quarterly

  • Your Best Shot
  • Demodex in Puppies
  • Dog Park Problems (American Bully)
  • Line Breeding and Inbreeding
  • Working Pit Bulldog Popular Bloodlines
  • Introducing Gabrielle and Trinity Richards
  • Top Dog Points
  • American Bully Popular Bloodlines
  • J&J Gravedigger (Patterdale)
  • What is HOF¬†(Patterdale)
  • Weight Pull Points
  • Influences within the Patterdale breed
  • The Importance of Puppy Socialization

On the cover: Gabrielle’s “Zuse”
Owned by Gabrielle Richards