American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette Volume 43 Issue 1

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The American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette has been the must have pit bull Magazine for over forty years! Issued quarterly since 1976 this is a best selling magazine exclusively featuring the American Pit Bull Terrier. The Gazette features articles contributed by prominent American Pit Bull Terrier owners and breeders on a regular basis.

On the cover of the Fall 2018 American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette – Volume 43 Issue 1

Our condolences go out to Tony Young and his family during this extremely difficult time. We are sorry for your loss.

Centerfold –  30th Anniversary Ralph Greenwood Memorial

  • Interview with Glenn Stubblefield
  • A Dog Called “Mellow” – By Gary J. Hammonds
  • Leaders of the Future Scholarship: Hunter Jones
  • Canine Athletes Conditioning Doctrine – By Andy Seguess
  • Are You Prepared
  • A Rose by Any Other Name – By Renee Greenwood
  • Earn Life – By Gail Fisher
  • Managing the Conflict – By Debra Vey Voda Hamilton Esq./Mediator
  • Why We Weight Pull – By Lindsay Dugan
  • Here Comes the Judge: Terry Kline
  • Dog Show Stuff: Just My Opinion – By Joanie Winchester
  • Own Animals? What to Do + Not Do – By Carolyn Chan, Esq.
  • Show News
  • Point Standings
  • Rankings
  • In Memory
  • Ch/Ace Spotlight
  • Historical Articles

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