DNA Profiling

Starting at $7.00

Verify your breedings with ADBA’s DNA Testing Program 

DNA Profiling is for high quality, conscientious breeders, provides a tool for indisputable identification of a dog and verification of parentage using hard science.

We wish to thank and congratulate these kennels, for their involvement and  support of the ADBA’s DNA testing program, raising the bar to provide proven parentage verification to clients on pups they sell.

  • Reign Pitbull Kennels
  • Zoeller’s Indian Kennels
  • Openhouse Kennels
  • Red Mist Kennels
  • Tonkawa Kennels
  • Beauty & The Beast Kennels
  • Tri-L Pits
  • Egyptian Pits
  • Mister Fish Kennels
  • Dragon Fire Kennels
  • Scratch And Go Kennels
  • Backwoods Pits
  • Tatonka Kennels
  • Timebomb Bulldogs
  • Machine Shop Kennels
  • Major League Kennels
  • No End Kennels
  • Southern Bulldog Kennels
  • Thunderdog Kennels
  • Sin City Kennels
  • Tightline Kennels
  • Burdigala Kennels
  • Flametree Kennels
  • Eli Foundation Kennels
  • Blaizen Kennels
  • Titan Kennelss
  • Bullgame Kennels
  • Blacknite Kennels
  • Arizona Heat Kennels


  • DNA profiling is for ADBA registered dogs is used to prove parentage.
  • DNA Profiling is required on all frozen semen breeding’s.
  • DNA cannot be used to prove purebred status for registration purposes.

Comments from our customers:

“DNA Profiling is added security to safeguard my reputation as a breeder”…

“Picking a breeder to purchase a puppy from was difficult – who can you trust? Today, with your DNA program, the question of trust has been removed. We now just need to look for a bloodline we desire, and look for the breeders who has their brood stock’s DNA on file! What a comfort to know there is a proven scientific way to provide verification on parentage”.

“It was great to have the opportunity to prove parentage for such an affordable price of our ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ litter”.

“Thank God for DNA Profiling and parentage verification. I wanted to breed my 13 year old stud dog one last time, but didn’t want to waste a breeding in the event that his sperm count was inadequate. I covered my bitch using both outstanding studs that I had lined up, and low and behold, ended up with four pups from one stud and four from the other.

“Without parentage verification using DNA, proper identification and registration for the litter would have been impossible”.

“The small price that you pay for the DNA testing and parentage verification pays off in a big way in the reputation that you build as a honest, reputable breeder”.