Volume 39 Issue 1

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The American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette has been the must have pit bull Magazine for over forty years! Issued quarterly since 1976 this is a best selling magazine exclusively featuring the American Pit Bull Terrier. The Gazette features articles contributed by prominent American Pit Bull Terrier owners and breeders on a regular basis.

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On the Cover of Volume 39 Issue 1 of the American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette
ACK’S “EUROPA” ~ Bred by Anchor Chain Kennels
“Motivation comes from looking at the things you want and realizing what it takes to get it.”
Owned by Samantha Schaffhauser/Gods of the Cosmos Kennel

Centerfold – OFK’s “A/A IV” Up A Notch”
Breeder: Oldfort Kennels
Owners: Sean Gray & Whitney McDonnel

  • BSL on the Decline
  • It’s How You Raise Them
  • Dogworms: A to Z
  • Tincture of Time
  • Homework for Life
  • Power Training for Canines
  • No Trespassing Sign
  • To Breed or Not to Breed
  • Open Letter to APBT Owners of Europe
  • Where Are Three Trillion Cats & Dogs
  • Pack Theory & Leadership
  • Pit Bulletin Legal News
  • Random Thoughts on Bulldogs
  • Show Calendar
  • Show News
  • Point Standings
  • Ch/Ace Spotlight
  • Rankings
  • Scholarship
  • ADBA Dog Show – Italian Style
  • Mental Illness Masquerade
  • Doright Dog Owner
  • Around the World in 63 Days
  • In Memory ~ Dwight Stubbs



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