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By September 11, 2018 Club Information


-6-9 M/F
-12-18 Females: 1-3
-18-24 Males: 2-3
-18-24 Females: 1-3

-Champion Males: 3rd
-Champion Females: 3rd

Weight Pull

-25-35 M/F
-35-45 2nd/3rd M 1-3F
-45-55 1-3 M/F
-55-65 1-3 M/F
-65-75 1-3 M/F
-75-85 1-3 M/F
-85-95 1-3 M/F
-95+ 1-3 M/F

-Mwpp 45-75 F

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  • Timothy s hammond says:

    I have reg my dogs thro adba since early 2000 and was always happy with the service but last year I sent in a blood sample from my male hammonds jack and payed to have him dna profiled I know his parents were never dna profiled but wanted to get him dna profiled so I could have a few pups checked to make shur they were his but never received any paper work I am very disappointed in this could someone please let me know what happened thanks

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