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Stand up for your dogs today!

By November 15, 2017November 22nd, 2017Canine Health
November 15th, 2017

During the last quarter century, NAIA has become a trusted source of expert information and policy guidance on vital issues pertaining to animal care and treatment. And now NAIA is launching the most important campaign of our 26-year history, a campaign to modernize pet import laws to prevent the unfettered importation of unvetted street dogs into the continental United States. In the past, these dogs have brought the Korean canine flu epidemic to our dogs and canine events; they have also carried rabies, canine brucellosis, TB, Leishmaniasis, and other zoonotic diseases and parasites, which not only threaten our dogs, but also pose serious threats to other animals and to human health. To accomplish this goal, we have hired a top-notch Washington DC government relations firm to initiate legislation.


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Meantime, we continue to fight for your rights as responsible animal owners in multiple venues; helping those who want new information to raise their standards, while countering the vicious, dishonest propaganda spawned by radical animal rights organizations. Our dog study ( and Shelter Project ( serve as invaluable sources of data, and are regularly cited in scientific studies and news articles. Our new Homes for Animal Heroes ( program works with research facilities to rehome dogs; our website, Discover Animals ( is a growing source of fascinating and credible information about animals; and Animal Nation, our annual conference in Washington, D.C. was a smashing success – among our most inspiring and empowering conferences yet!

We are proud and excited about our progress and our crucial new campaign, but we can’t move forward without people like you. So please join or renew your support for NAIA today and let’s make 2018 our best year ever! And of course, you are also invited to support our sister organization, NAIA Trust, a 501(c)(4) organization that is focused on legislative issues.


Patti Strand, NAIA President
National Animal Interest Alliance
111 SW 5th Avenue Suite 2660
Portland, OR 97204

NAIA is a 501(c)(3) educational not-for-profit organization, Tax ID #93-1099912, so you may be able to deduct all or part of your donation. Your tax accountant can determine what portion of your donation may be deductible. NAIA Trust is a tax-exempt 501(c)(4) organization, # 52-7114458, not a public charity. This means that under normal circumstances, donations to NAIA trust are not deductible as charitable contributions.