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Arizona Dog Owners Support HB-2323

Support HB-2323 to stop insurance companies from blacklisting breeds of dogs in Arizona.
This bill passed the House but is in trouble in the Senate. We need Arizona dog owners to contact their State Senators in support of this bill.


Fifty-fifth Legislature Second Regular Session House: GE DP 10-3-0-0 HB 2323: homeowner’s insurance; dogs; nondiscrimination Sponsor: Representative Kavanagh, LD 23 House Engrossed Overview Provides prohibitions on the consideration of a dog breed in relation to a policy of insurance. History Insurance is defined in statute as a contract by which a person undertakes to indemnify another or to pay a specified amount on determinable contingencies (A.R.S. ยง 20-103). Provisions 1. Prohibits the breed of a dog from being considered or used for any of the following purposes: a) Underwriting or actuarial processes for determining liability, risk, actual or potential losses or any other matter related to claims involving dogs under a policy of insurance; b) Surveys, questionnaires or other means of gathering information regarding possession, ownership or the presence of a dog on premises insured or to be insured under a policy of insurance; or c) Conclusions of law or findings of fact entered by a hearing officer, court, administrative law judge, arbitrator or other legal decision maker regarding whether a dog is vicious or aggressive or has caused liability to occur, as part of determining coverage, liability or damages related to a policy of insurance. (Sec. 1) 2. Defines the following terms: a) Aggressive; b) Breed; c) Policy of insurance; d) Provocation; and e) Vicious. (Sec. 1)