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Survey on the use of Canine Treadmills

In support of the mission of the Endangered Breeds Association please take a short five minutes of your time to complete the survey featured here on the use of canine treadmills.   This survey is to validify this piece of equipment and its use by a varied group of breeds and purposes.  Your participation is so valued and needed.

It is our hope to capture statistics from not only the American Pit Bull Terrier community, but also AKC clubs, UKC clubs, Police K-9 Units, K-9 Search & Rescue, and other such organizations.   Please take the time to contribute to the survey and forward this link to your friends and other club members.

This will be a living and growing document and will serve as a resource available soon on our website for anyone to use as might be needed or desired.

Thank you for your contribution and assistance.  We need folks such as yourself to help in the fight to maintain our rights of dog ownership.

Lisa J. Walker Hutches

President, Endangered Breeds Association
Board Member, Mid Florida American Pit Bull Terrier Association
Board Member, Sunshine State Pomeranian Club
Education Committee Member, American Pomeranian Club
Member, Florida Association of Kennel Clubs