Ralph Greenwood

Father of the ADBA

Ralph Greenwood

Ralph was involved with the American Pit Bull Terrier from the age of 15 years old. Ralph was a family man and built the business on his reputation of honesty, honor and having the ability to do what was right, sometime despite popular opinion. Ralph’s word was his bond. He had many close friends and was on a first name basis with most of the prominent breeders of the day. Because of these relationships, more than one pedigree dispute was settled with a phone call from him.

Ralph was instrumental in modernizing the business to better meet the needs of the fancier. At the request of his customers, he formulated the conformation shows and weight pulls that we have today.

Ralph was a visionary in drafting the ADBA Conformation Standard that reflected an athletic American Pit Bull Terrier in his finest form. Many canine experts have expressed that the ADBA Conformation Standard is one of the best conformation standard written for any breed, as it is based on the original purpose of the breed. All ADBA Sanctioned Judges study and use the standard as a blueprint when judging conformation shows. By applying the ADBA APBT Conformation Standard in judging, we will always have dogs that continue to reflect the athletic conformation of the dogs of days gone by.

When Ralph Greenwood died of cancer in 1988, the Greenwood Family continued with the ADBA as Ralph set it up. Kate Greenwood was elected as President of the corporation and served from 1988 until December 31, 2007

Five of Ralph’s eight children serve on the Board Of Directors along with Ralph’s life partner, Mrs. Renee Greenwood. These members of the Board bring to the business a love of the breed, a firm direction of where it is going.