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Texas Bills Regulating Hobbyists Passed out of Committee with Amendments

By April 13, 2023Legislation


SB 876 and HB 2238 regulating hobbyists were passed out of committees this week with some favorable amendments, but questions remain. The amendments exempt hobbyists that breed dogs for participation in conformation shows.  Performance events were already exempt from current law. AKC is also reviewing additional amendments to determine the impact on hobbyists and dog owners.

AKC appreciates the sponsors’ willingness to ensure the legislation does not apply to those that breed dogs for participating in conformation shows; however, questions remain on how the bill as currently written would impact those not currently participating in conformation or performance, but choose to own intact dogs, or breed a litter and sell puppies to pet homes.

The bills could continue to move quickly and it is essential that Texas residents contact their State Representative and State Senator, as well as legislative leadership, to express your remaining concerns with these bills (see below for contact information).

These bills still drastically expand state law and go significantly beyond federal regulations, which apply to those with more than 4 breeding females and are selling dogs sight unseen.  AKC is reviewing amendments, but the bill may still require some home-based breeders to open their private homes to inspections.

The AKC still strongly believes that commercial breeder regulations should be dependent on a commercial activity requirement and these bills remove that commercial activity requirement. Those that breed dogs for purposes unrelated to AKC events, hunting and agriculture may still be required to obtain a license.

If the exemptions do not apply to you and you remain concerned about the impact of this legislation:

  • Contact your State Senator and State Representative and urge them to oppose SB 876 and HB 2238. You can find your state lawmakers
  • Contact Speaker Dade Phelan and respectfully urge him to oppose HB 2238. You can submit comments to the Speaker’s office
  • Contact the Senate President pro Tempore Kelly Hancock HERE and Senate Majority Leader Paul Bettencourt HERE

AKC Government Relations will provide more information on these bills as it is available.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at