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Texas Legislature 2023

By February 14, 2023February 16th, 2023Legislation, Responsible Ownership

From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

The Texas State Legislature convened today and will adjourn at the end of May.

Every session, we meet the Animal Rights Extremists in full force; backed by more than $500,000 in lobbyist fees according to the Texas Ethics Commission website.  Their agenda is to end all use, breeding, sales, and ownership of animals for any reason, including pet ownership!  I would hope that our “passion” and love for our animals would equal their dedication.

As expected, the same groups are back this session … proposing regulations to lower the number of “intact female dogs and cats possessed” to five (which is now 10 intact females) before requiring a breeding license.  It’s not rocket science to know that no breeding means no animals!  We must get this existing oppressive law repealed as suggested by the Texas Sunset Commission last session.  Repeal it … don’t amend it!

The radicals publicly state that they must work in “incremental steps” toward their extreme goal.  Legislators are misled to believe their concern is “animal welfare” when it is not!  Texas already has the most extensive Animal Cruelty bill possible.  More later on this and other bad bills filed.

Please read the attached Flyer.  Permission has been granted to distribute this information far and wide regarding “The Death of A Culture:  Understanding The War:  Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare,” by David Fritsche.

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance has “lived” this war for the past 30 years!  The only way to stop their extreme Animal Rights Agenda to end all relationships with animals is to “expose them.”

Fritsche writes:  “Without understanding these cultural changes you cannot effectively fight the battle.  There is a war going on, and most people do not even know it is happening.  The presence of the legislative sweep itself is a created phenomenon.”

We’ve adopted an aggressive “Battle Plan for the 2023 Texas Legislature” but we need YOU!  As a future voter, you are the most important person to your legislators.  You can do it all from home.  If you wish to meet personally with your elected representatives, that can be done at their “local” offices, not in Austin.

So … be prepared!

Today’s Homework:  Go to and in the lower right corner of the home page, fill in your address to find a list of all your elected representatives.  Save this for future reference and return to “home page” to find lists of all senators and all  representatives separately.  Find your personal legislators and document their contact information!  Each legislator has a home page full of helpful information.

However, to be most effective, you must call your personal legislators and get the name of their “Legislative Directors,” with their personal email address, phone number, etc.  That way your input will definitely be read and recorded.  It won’t be lost in the shuffle.  Document all this information for use until the Legislature adjourns.  Along the way, RPOA will provide Fact Sheets regarding proposed legislation for you to distribute to your legislators by email, in person, or any way you wish.  Our animals are depending on us and we can’t let them down.  As Frietsche says:  “The dog breeders are law abiding citizens but via the AR Legislation become common criminals.”

Stay tuned.