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Texas Legislature Alert! SB 188!

By April 6, 2017June 20th, 2017Legislation 

A Public Hearing will be held tomorrow, April 6, 2017, at the Capitol
regarding TX SB 188 by Carlos Uresti, relating to civil or criminal
liability for transporting in, confining in, or removing from a motor
vehicle certain animals. 9:00 A.M., Senate Chamber – Senate State Affairs

There are four (4) bills filed on this very same topic this session — all
bad and similar — regarding individuals and pets, but some go farther and
attempt to amend the existing Texas Animal Cruelty Law Sections 42.092,
Penal Code, which already addresses these situations: “(5) Transports or
confines an animal in a cruel manner.”
To save our sanity, we combined all four bills in the attached Fact Sheet.
Please contact the State Affairs Committee members below to oppose SB 188 as
written. Ask that animals be removed from this bill!

A motor vehicle means a vehicle that is self-propelled or a trailer or
semitrailer designed for use with a self-propelled vehicle.
Such as SUVs at many AKC dog shows. This would open a Pandora’s Box for all
the “animal rights” extremists who have a deep hatred for dog and cat show
breeders and exhibitors. “Animal Connection of Texas” (ACT) is a vegan
extremist Dallas group “dedicated to end suffering and exploitation of
animals;” that considers most interaction with animals to be “exploitation.”
ACT held a protest outside Dallas Market Hall during AKC dog shows in 2008;
claiming: “It’s important that we don’t let these breeders/murderers of
shelter dogs have their fun at homeless dogs’ expense.” PETA-type persons
have burst into the Judging Ring at the Westminster Dog Show in the past,
with a similar sign calling AKC show breeders “murderers.” These are not
rational persons!

Hunting Dog and other working dog groups are extremely vulnerable since they
transport hunting dogs in their motor vehicles all the time. There are no
guidelines for abrogating rights and making legal what would otherwise be a
crime with civil implications. If you don’t speak up for your animals, then
who will?

Senate Committee on State Affairs
Committee Clerk: Addison Reagan
Phone: (512) 463-0380

Chair: Sen. Joan Huffman
Ph: 512-463-0117
FAX: 512-463-0639

Vice-Chair: Sen. Bryan Hughes
Ph: 512-463-0101
FAX: 512-475-3751

Sen. Brian Birdwell
Ph: 512-463-0122
FAX: 512-475-3729

Sen. Brandon Creighton
Ph: 512-463-0104
FAX: 512-463-6373

Sen. Craig Estes
Ph: 512-463-0130
FAX: 512-463-8874

Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr.
Ph: 512-463-0127
FAX: 512-463-0061

Sen. Jane Nelson
Ph: 512-463-0112
FAX: 512-463-0923

Sen. Charles Schwertner
Ph: 512-463-0105
FAX: 512-463-5713

Sen. Judith Zaffirini
Ph: 512-463-0121
FAX: 512-475-3738