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Texas Legislature – not over until it’s over!

Texas Legislature – not over until it’s over!

From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
Texas Outreach
June 14, 2017
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Animal Welfare, not Animal Rights!

Before he became governor, Greg Abbott was asked to replant trees on his
Austin property – a regulation he has set out to axe during the upcoming
special session of the Texas Legislature. More:

The “Bestiality Bill” SB 1232 was signed Monday by Gov. Abbott and has
become another “tool” in the “animal rights toolbox” for harassment. The
Witness List testifying “FOR” SB 1232 at the Senate Criminal Justice
Committee Hearing is: Katie Jarl (Texas State Director for Humane Society
of U.S. – HSUS), Laura Donahue (Executive Director of Texas Humane
Legislative Network – THLN), Sheriff’s Association of Texas members from
Hallettsville, Rockport, Galveston and Gresback, TX. A couple of DA’s from
Houston County and Montgomery County. A criminologist from Snohomish, WA.
As we keep saying, HSUS is writing our Texas animal laws which they intend
to enforce themselves. Just like the misnamed “Puppy Mill” Law which has a
$1,000 Breeder Bounty, 3rd Party Contracts allowed for enforcement, and much

In spite of our request to delete “touching – through clothing,” the bill
was signed by the governor, even though it would have been just as strong
without those words. What about dogs sitting in your lap, groomers, bathing
dogs, expressing anal glands and many other procedures by responsible pet
owners? Veterinarians and the Farm Bureau (under animal
husbandry/livestock) got themselves out of it — declared as “exceptions” in
the bill. Unfortunately pet owners are left with no such protections. AKC
show judges are especially vulnerable as male dogs must be intact for
Conformation Shows; which is confirmed by the judges “touching genitals.”
Dog shows, field trials, hunting, herding tests and competition have been a
special target for “animal rights” extremists for years. Not “puppy mills”
as they claim, but AKC and UKC breeders and exhibitors who are organized
nationwide through dog clubs. Texas has 300 AKC clubs alone, plus UKC

Legislators were hesitant to vote against this bill and face the wrath of
the “animal rights” fanatics at election time. We must become proactive —
stop these bills from being filed in the first place by unsuspecting
legislators instead of always being on the defensive. Most legislators
don’t realize the consequences of sponsoring these HSUS bills. Every word
in HSUS bills is cleverly crafted there for a reason!