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Texas Legislature Special Session called

By May 30, 2023Legislation

Texas Legislature Special Session called

From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance:

Just when you thought “it’s over” … we’ve been informed by our Lobbyist Gib Lewis that the first called Special Session of our Texas Legislature is scheduled to begin at noon on May 30, 2023.

The 88th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature has adjourned.  However Governor Greg Abbott is not happy that some of his initiatives didn’t pass and says multiple special sessions of the Legislature are possible!  Whenever the Legislature is in Special Session, bad legislation can pass affecting our animals if Governor Abbott allows it..  So we must remain forever vigilant!

It would also be possible for us to get action on SB 876, amending the Dog and Cat Breeder Bill, should we find a willing legislator to file a bill and if Governor Abbott would schedule it for a vote.  Not easy, but possible … if we had an influential legislator to file such a bill and then have the governor agree to schedule it for a vote.  If you have any such connections, let us know.  We know of no legislator at the present time who is willing to take all the “AR harassment” involved.

Governor Abbott vetoed the misnamed “Safe Outdoor Dogs Act” for us after the last Session.  However HSUS and THLN issued national alerts on their email lists to contact the governor and protest..  Governor Abbott had opposition during his re-election campaign at that time and received such an “animal rights” backlash, that he allowed Senator Eddie Lucio to file a bill “reinstating the Act” during the very last Special Session!  We do understand as we’re well aware of these extremists, their radical agenda and how crazy they can be!

Speaking of “lobbyists” … we have a $10,000 Final Payment to Former Speaker Gib Lewis due at the present time!  But we don’t have it!  Donations can be mailed to RPOA Texas Outreach, PO Box 2054, Adkins, Texas 78101 or paid with Paypal on our website: .

RPOA is preparing our Final Report on the 43 animal related bills filed for the Session just adjourned and should have it next week.

Please forward this e-mail to others!