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[TexasPets] HSUS, THLN, ASPCA’s Anti-Breeder Bill

We still have a chance to eliminate the Breeder Bill entirely with HB 3081, by Rep. Brian Harrison.

Let us know if any of you live in Harrison’s District @

Brian E. Harrison (Republican Party) is a member of the Texas House of Representatives,

Please forward this to dog owners in Texas District 10

[TexasPets] HSUS, THLN, ASPCA’s Breeder Bill

Until legislators realize the “why” and “who” all this onerous pet and agricultural animal legislation is targeting, we will never get them to see why we oppose it.  Legislators are told that all breeders are “puppy mills” or “kitty mills” –making all that money!  All aspects of animal ownership are being criminalized at the state level in Texas.  We have 42 animal related bills filed this session.

Attached is the letter from HSUS, Texas Humane Legislation Network, and ASPCA (12-2012) to Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation, which states/proves that they were the groups pushing the original HB 1451 bill at the state level.  This letter was written shortly after the Licensed Breeder Bill passed 12 years ago … and reported 400 breeder websites they felt should be licensed.  I have the listed websites they reported also.

HSUS et al Letter to TDLR re Breeders 12_2012

HSUS, Texas Humane Legislative Network and ASPA used to hold joint “Lobby Days” at our Capitol before each legislative session.  These extreme groups do little hands-on with animals and siphon off contributions which should go to local animal shelters who actually deal with unwanted animals.

We should call them the ”Animal Rights Industry.”

The Breeder Law is written for harassment — not in response to any “puppy mills” or “kitty mills” problem in Texas!   The ultimate goal is to end ALL dog and cat breeding so we can expect another bill next session lowering the number of  “intact females possessed” to two or three if this one passes?  Realize there is no end to their agenda until there are no more animals.

For those of you who may not be aware, Austin is a hub of “animal rights activists” and they are everywhere:  legislator’s staff, state departments, and even TDLR.  Della Lundquist, an “animal rights” activist (possibly a THLN member) was an attorney with TDLR at that time and facilitated easy passage for the Breeder Bill.   Probably helped write it!  I don’t know if Lundquist is still employed by TDLR or not.

After checking on Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation,  I see there has been a complete turnover of staff since passage 12 years ago.  So anything TDLR told RPOA in the past regarding enforcement is irrelevant now — the “when they come after you” and ‘case by case” basis for enforcement, etc.  It’s a whole new ballgame now, BUT be forewarned that most you are told is not the truth … as you find out later.  The radicals are winning … in incremental steps.  We’ve fallen into the “trap” of negotiating now when we should just say “NO!.”