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URGENT! OPPOSE TENNESSEE HB1643 “Animal Abuser Registry”

By March 4, 2020Legislation
“Animal Abuser Registry”
March 4, 2020
TN HB1643 is on the calendar to be heard in the
Tennessee House of Representatives tomorrow,
Thursday, March 5, 2020.
PLEASE OPPOSE TENNESSEE HB1643: Establishing registry to criminalize animal husbandry and care practices
Please follow instructions below and take action TODAY to send an email to every member of the Tennessee House of Representatives to OPPOSE TN HB1643.
The “animal abuser registry” concept is ripe for abuse by using vague definitions with the intent of putting farmers, ranchers, animal breeders, and animal owners on a “abuser registry” as outlined in  HB1643 .
This deceptive legislation is crafted by radical animal rights groups to specifically establish an on-line registry using vague definitions to criminalize animal husbandry and care.
  • Establishing “animal abuser registries” is a campaign championed by the California-based radical animal rights group Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) whose mission is to use the legal system to change the legal status of animals from property to ‘personhood.’
  • In its history, ALDF has never promoted legislation to help people.
  • All ALDF’s litigation and legislative efforts are aimed at setting new legal precedents for elevating the status of animals and, or adding costly regulations within animal agriculture, research, and pet industries which will undermine our use and ownership of animals.
  • Animal abuser registries allow for broad interpretation of what constitutes “abuse.” In some states, tethering a dog or the use of a cinch collar might be considered abuse and land a person on such a registry.
  • More concerning is that under the newly implemented federal law, the PACT Act, any animal owner is now subject to enforcement of vague definitions of ‘cruelty’ or what is considered ‘adequate care’ under the PACT Act which can turn any husbandry practice to be reclassified as “deliberate acts of animal cruelty.”
  • In other words, the most normal every day animal owner actions are susceptible to being reclassified as criminal acts even when no animal is harmed. It just depends on who is on the enforcement end to interpret the law.
  • Often times, personal information about a registrant on the animal abuser registries is available to the public before the accused has completed the adjudication process and any appeal. Even if found innocent, that registry information could still be available to the public in error.
To take these registries one step further, the Humane Society of the United States is determined to show a direct connection between interpersonal violence and animal abuse.
All of this is the further weakening of our Constitutional Rights such as “due process” and “equal application of the law” by legislators influenced and empowered by aggressive and well-funded activists.
Should “Red Flag Laws” be implemented in the state of Tennessee, this registry could potentially set precedent for confiscation of firearms.
Please join The Cavalry Group in OPPOSING TN HB1643
by cutting and pasting the following email addresses for every Tennessee State Representative and send your email (using the talking points listed above) requesting that they