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Washington Bill HB1919

By March 13, 2019May 7th, 2019Responsible Ownership

Please take 30min out of you day and call and oppose Washington Bill HB1919 They vote on it March 14th at 10am
Bill link –
You most likely will get an Aid or Answering machine.
If you send an email please try to include pictures of our breed and others working dogs using these tools correctly and make sure you send pictures that can’t be misunderstood and represent us in a POSITIVE LIGHT!
If you use Facebook to make to contact please take 2mins and view your Facebook account as an outsider would… are you going to sending the right message? If you feel like your Facebook wouldn’t be viewed in a positive light either choose one of the other two methods or up your privacy settings and limit your past posts. This option is under privacy settings.
REMEMBER you are representing the APBT community… Do it with Pride and Class… as you’re a reflection of us all.
Start by nicely introducing yourself and explaining why tools such as breaking sticks, spring pole and the mill are a necessity and give valid examples. Be polite and educate, try to explain yourself in a calm manner and above all be professional and respectful. Represent your breed and community with dignity and class.
Direct them to several different informational websites to drive your point home…

Parting sticks


Flirt pole –

Spring pole-

What misinformation can lead to –

Please guys… it’s not that hard… stand together and fight for your breed.

Contact list –
Representative Gina Mosbrucker (R)
Phone – (360) 786 – 7856
Email –
Link to Facebook page –

Representative Sherry Appleton (D)
Phone – (360) 786 – 7934
Email –
Link to Facebook page –

Representative Norma Smith (R)
Phone – (360) 786 – 7884
Email –
Link to Facebook page – no Facebook profile found.

Representative Alex Ybarra (R)
Phone – (360) 786 – 7808
Email –
Link to Facebook page –

Representative Mary Dye (R)
Phone – (360) 786 – 7942
Email –
Link to Facebook page –

Representative Timm Ormsby (D)
Phone – (360) 786 – 7946
Email –
Link to Facebook page –