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Working Animal Protection Act at risk in Arkansas!

By March 15, 2023Legislation

Working Animal Protection Act

at risk in Arkansas!



March 13, 2023

Dear Members & Supporters,

The Working Animal Protection Act passed the Arkansas legislature and was signed into law in 2021 becoming statute, ACT 1091.

Today, Arkansas SB339 threatens to completely neuter the Working Animal Protection Act!

If passed, SB339 would change “municipality” and “municipalities” in the Act to “County” which totally neuters the Working Animal Protection Act (ACT 1091) leaving our members in Arkansas who utilize working animals in their lawful businesses to be subject to bans ONCE AGAIN in cities and other local political subdivisions across the state of Arkansas!

This law is NOT about “home rule.” It’s about stopping animal rights extremists with their money and pressure to push and influence local governments!

Secondly, while the Working Animal Protection Act was not originally written to protect pet stores, it became instrumental in a recent Fayetteville lawsuit that took place to overturn a Fayetteville pet sale ban. Needless to say, The Cavalry Group was very pleased by this outcome.

But now, Best Friends Animal Society and other animal rights organizations are apparently collaborating with Sportsmen’s Alliance to add specific language to prohibit “the sale of dogs and cats” to Arkansas SB339 while claiming it “strengthens the Working Animal Protection Act 1091.”

Does Sportsmen’s Alliance not understand the slippery slope that SB339 makes for those who breed hunting dogs?  Do they not realize that every dog breeder is considered a “puppy mill” in the eyes of the animal rights extremists?

We are asking for your help to stop Arkansas SB339! It is scheduled to be heard tomorrow morning, Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at 10:00 AM before the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, and Economic Development.


Please call and email each member of the Senate Committee to respectfully ask that they vote NO on SB339.


You can click the campaign link below to send your emails directly to the Senate Agriculture, Forestry, and Economic Development Committee. Please also make phone calls to Members of the Committee.


Leave the Working Animal Protection Act law alone! VOTE NO on SB339!



The Committee Hearing is




Arkansas Senate Agriculture, Forestry & Economic Development Committee:


Chairman: Ronald Caldwell

Phone: 501-682-6107



Vice Chair: Matt Stone

Phone: 870-818-0750



Senator Breanne Davis

Phone: 479-970-0081



Senator Tyler Dees

Phone: 479-549-5057



Senator Ben Gilmore

Phone: 501-467-5952



Senator Greg Leding

Phone: 479-966-9201



Senator Frederick J. Love

Phone: 501-612-3939



Senator David Wallace

Phone: 501-612-3939




Email Arkansas Senate Agriculture Committee