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By May 5, 2023Legislation

It’s every day every night on TV –
Sad music playing –
Sad singing by Sarah…
Terrible pictures and commentary playing on the
Sympathies of the public/forced audience…
P L E A S E send us $19/month(recurring income FOREVER)
And we’ll save a dog and give you a T-shirt….

Wait –what’s this?

ASPCA gives 2% of budget to pet shelters while ‘hoarding’ millions, pushing ‘anti-farmer’ agenda: think tank


Out of the hundreds of millions in assets and million dollar salaries, only 2% actually goes to saving that dog???

And they are pushing an anti-farmer agenda?

How can this be?

This is but one organization affiliated with SEVENTEEN lobbyists lobbying our Texas legislature with their

Agenda to over-regulate you and eliminate property rights and animal ownership for ANY reason!


There is no acknowledgement or protection of good breeders including farming/agriculture

because to them all breeding/ownership is animal cruelty and needs to be eliminated.

This is what our legislators are being brainwashed with.

Texas already has strong animal cruelty statutes to address both civilly and criminally. If there is animal cruelty at any facility, then laws are NOT BEING ENFORCED! Making more laws to enforce the existing laws does nothing to prevent cruelty.

EXPERTS in actual lawful breeding and raising animals – pets/showing/service animals/farm animals/agriculture – are never contacted or given a chance to weigh in on legislation even though their community would be most affected & criminalized by this legislation!

This is on purpose by the animal rights organizations.

At a recent Senate committee hearing one of the Senator authors of proposed legislation was asked why the actual experts even though engaged in lawful breeding/raising animals WERE NOT given a chance to weigh in on legislation?

The Senator’s answer – He didn’t want to talk to anyone opposed to his legislation! Yes it is on video archives.

There is something terrible wrong with THIS!

The proposed legislation in this case (SB 876 & companion HB 2238) is to expand the failed policies of the Licensed Breeder Act which was unanimously recommended by the Sunset commission to be eliminated.


Your legislators – Representatives & Senators – need to hear from you AS CONSTITUENTS to represent you and your activities as law abiding citizens.

OPPOSE SB 876 and HB 2238!